hi, i'm annie, i'm 19, this is where i'm gonna put all my art. sometimes i draw fanart and sometimes i draw ocs and stuff. i am heavily inspired by roxie vizcarra and adam hughes!

this is what my url's from, i couldn't think of anything arty, kill me


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Last FM

    vampire skin is my favourite thing to colour
fryja, my volkihar girl.
    oop i forgot her kawaii volkihar features so i just popped em in. bifurcated lip #1 best vampire look!!
    and a wip
    rly boring thing just to ease my way back into my tablet i promise the next thing i post will be more interesting
    little sleepy eyed girl inspired by sylvie vartan
i can’t wait to go home for the summer and actually start drawing things for this blog again… orz
    getting a semblance of this as post-boss battle. like thank god that’s done bc i’ve not got any health potions left.
    having another pop at this whole “interesting poses” “actual scene” nonsense
    ~the return of the thin white duke~
one day i’ll put effort into backgrounds/don’t even start on that text wrapping
    sorry for posting 100 pix of his face i’m just so chuffed with it he’s like a little vampire maclachlan