hi, i'm annie, i'm 19, this is where i'm gonna put all my art. sometimes i draw fanart and sometimes i draw ocs and stuff. i am heavily inspired by roxie vizcarra and adam hughes!

this is what my url's from, i couldn't think of anything arty, kill me


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    The Luteces


    Took about 20 minutes in photoshop to make myself a new Icon on RPGD.

    Turned this  image



    Pretty damn pleased with myself.

    Edit- Forgot to credit, like an idiot. Original art-


    it makes me really happy when people use my art and link back! thanks so much!

    back at it again at krispy kreme
i really like drawing red hair ugh the past 3 drawings have all been gingers
    creative license!!! to me it looks like her coat is oversized so that’s what i’m running with in my drawing. it’s her dad’s! she’s gonna be a captain just like him one day!
i’m gonna add her hand reaching for the sword on her hip (also tba) in later, like she’s about to whip it out and the coat’s going to fall from her shoulders dramatically and she’s going to stab some buccaneer right up.
this is kind of an 80s silhouette ugh god i just can’t help myself
    drawing my puzzle pirates character hahahaha… she’s cute man shut up
    be bop a lula
    as always, doing a headshot to ease me back into my tablet. prob gonna chuck colour in and refine it and stuff later but i want to play tf2 now
    giant shouldered gal in my chem revision
    an old one of adam that i really really love and might redo over the summer
    found this cute gal in my revision notes
    vampire skin is my favourite thing to colour
fryja, my volkihar girl.